During my time as a student at UDM, some of the best parties I had were actually impromptu gatherings in our student rooms with my cousin and friends. Despite all the great places to go out in Montreal like Peel Pub and St Sulpice, we found that we could have a fantastic time in just 9 square meters with plenty of booze and weed. It was always entertaining to see 10 young adults from different backgrounds, cultures, and orientations engage in passionate debates. Hot Rachel and “martial” Ali were particularly skilled at discussing their Israeli/Lebanese backgrounds, and we often closed our sessions with a clever punchline or a shared joint. Despite our diverse political and national identities, we were able to come together with a smile and make room for each other. In fact, it was during one of these gatherings that I noticed a skewed Canadian flag in the kitchen, which inspired my potriot series.

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