Back in my UDM time with my cousins & friends, despite of the Peel Pub, the St Sulpice and many other unmissable places when studying in Montreal, best parties were improvised in our student rooms. Gathering 10 growing kids coming from different places, cultures, orientations in 9 square meters with profusion of booze & weed was a fantastic trigger to generate over passionate debates. Hot Rachel & “martial” Ali were the best in class when it cames to battle on their Israeli / Lebanese backgrounds reality. Finally, a calibrated punchline or a “passing by” joint would close the session. Anyway, we all had our own political / homeland consciousness but we were also fresh & high enough to take distance from it with a smile and make room for each others…
A skewed Canadian flag in the kitchen made me focus on the twisted red leaf, that was the birth of potriot series.

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